The Social Enterprise Council of Canada is now a membership-driven organization. One of the key reasons for the SECC to incorporate in 2015 was to allow for members through open enrollment to join together to improve the collaboration, communication, representation and reputation of this unique Pan-Canadian body.

You can register to become a member today using our Eventbrite registration form.  If you are interested in becoming a member, but have questions or concerns, please contact us indicating your interest, and we will be sure to contact you as soon as possible.

If you’d like to become a member today, click on the link below:

Eventbrite - Social Enterprise Council of Canada Membership
There are two inexpensive annual membership levels reflecting our goals of engagement and sector building:

  • $50.00 for social enterprise practitioners (Anyone who has run, worked in, or is currently working in a social enterprise)
  • $100.00 for all others (Organizations, individuals, researchers, consultants, policy makers, investors, funders and other supporters of social enterprises in Canada)

Please note that memberships are for one calendar year, from the date we receive payment. We will send you a reminder by email to renew your membership several weeks before  your renewal date.

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SECC Social Enterprise Definition
Social enterprises are community-based businesses that sell goods or services in the market place to achieve a social, cultural and/or environmental purpose; they reinvest their profits to maximize their social mission.
SECC Vision, Mission, and Goal
We envision vibrant community-based social enterprises successfully contributing to creating healthy communities. Our Mission is to convene, inform and influence community-based social enterprises and their key stakeholders. Our strategic goal is to insure social enterprises have a supportive ecosystem that: · Enhances Their Business Skills · Assures Access To Capital · Creates Market Opportunities · Recognizes Their Impact · Provides Supportive Legislation And Regulations