Up Shoppe

The North End Women’s Centre is a registered non-profit organization that has been providing services to women since 1984. Our center is situated in Winnipeg’s North End in one of the poorest urban communities within Canada. Our Vision of women in charge of their own lives is supported in the programs and services that we provide: Counseling Programs, Addictions & Ongoing Recovery Programs, Housing & Support Programs, Advocacy, Basic Needs Assistance, Children’s Programming, Cultural Programs, Health and Wellness Programs, Volunteer Opportunities, Employment/Barrier Reduction Programs, and Information and Referral Services.

NEWC’s thrift store, The Up Shoppe, relies on new and gently used donations to provide shoppers with merchandise affordable prices. As a program of the North End Women’s Centre the Up Shoppe works to build employment skills in local women while revenue generated is reinvested into our centre and used in programs that help women on their paths of change.


Lisa Lacroix, NEWC’s Community Economic Development Manager, has a solid background in social services and in helping people to find their voices. After high school she traveled Canada as the lead singer in a rock band and has since worked as a High School Librarian, a Support Worker to adolescent sex-offenders, a Guidance Counselor in Winnipeg’s core area, and a Case Manager to women transitioning out of federal and provincial correctional facilities.

SECC Social Enterprise Definition
Social enterprises are community-based businesses that sell goods or services in the market place to achieve a social, cultural and/or environmental purpose; they reinvest their profits to maximize their social mission.
SECC Vision, Mission, and Goal
We envision vibrant community-based social enterprises successfully contributing to creating healthy communities. Our Mission is to convene, inform and influence community-based social enterprises and their key stakeholders. Our strategic goal is to insure social enterprises have a supportive ecosystem that: · Enhances Their Business Skills · Assures Access To Capital · Creates Market Opportunities · Recognizes Their Impact · Provides Supportive Legislation And Regulations