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In the winter of 2007 a small group of social enterprise thought-leaders from across Canada met for a three-day retreat to explore the future of social enterprise in Canada. What emerged was an unincorporated entity named the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, SECC. Those founding members defined SECC as “an alliance of social enterprise leaders who leverage their networks, knowledge and experience in order to build a strong and enabling environment for social enterprise.”

SECC adopted the following six ‘pillars’ as the foundational components of a supportive ecosystem. (Click here for a full description of each of these pillars)

  • Expand Market Opportunities
  • Promote and Demonstrate the Impact
  • Create a Supportive Regulatory Framework
  • Enhance Enterprise Skills
  • Ensure Access to Capital and Investment
  • Animate Networks and Engagement

In 2014 the SECC incorporated as a federal non-profit corporation, in order to create greater capacity for social enterprise practitioners, supporters, intermediaries, funders and thinkers to engage in building the social enterprise sector. We will continue to convene the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise every 18 months while helping to animate and support the implementation of the six ecosystem building “pillars” through partnership and collaboration with many other valued actors  across the country. Notably, SECC will focus our efforts on the first three of these pillars buy promoting social procurement, measuring and capturing the impact of social enterprises in Canada, and working with governments at all levels and other policy makers to ensure that Social Enterprise can and will flourish.

Membership in SECC is open to social enterprises and individuals engaged in the sector.  Having members through open enrollment will improve collaboration, communication, representation and reputation. It will allow SECC to enter into contracts for services and to partner with other related entities on an equal manner. The membership will be open in spring 2015, and in 2016 the first open election for the Board of Directors will be held.

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SECC Social Enterprise Definition
Social enterprises are community-based businesses that sell goods or services in the market place to achieve a social, cultural and/or environmental purpose; they reinvest their profits to maximize their social mission.
SECC Vision, Mission, and Goal
We envision vibrant community-based social enterprises successfully contributing to creating healthy communities. Our Mission is to convene, inform and influence community-based social enterprises and their key stakeholders. Our strategic goal is to insure social enterprises have a supportive ecosystem that: · Enhances Their Business Skills · Assures Access To Capital · Creates Market Opportunities · Recognizes Their Impact · Provides Supportive Legislation And Regulations